180 million verified Nigerian GSM Phone numbers 2019 DATA BASE

180 million verified Nigerian GSM Phone numbers 2017 DATA BASE | 360incomestream.com

180 million verified Nigerian GSM Phone numbers 2019 DATA BASE

Author: 360incomeStream

Price: ₦50,000

Format: GSM Database

GET 80 million numbers sorted and Categorized By First Name, Last Name, Sex, State And LGAs For Your Targeted Mobile Marketing.

Are you a business man/woman, do you own a company, a shop, a church or non governmental organization, do you have a product or service to promote, do you want to reach out to more people, everyone or a number of persons in a particular region, city, or state in Nigeria? Then this is for you!

If you are looking for Nigerian GSM numbers for outright purchase by State or Local Government Area (LGA), then this is for you. We have over 80 million VERIFIED Nigeria GSM Phone number database arranged in States and LGAs. This database also includes; First name, last name, phone number and sex.

We have active GSM Numbers of over 180 million people living and working in Nigeria that you can use for your targeted marketing suitable for election campaigns, church envangelism, Music PROMOTION, Product Launch and so on.

The GSM numbers are grouped according to States and local government and covers the entire 36 states of nigeria. so it is easy to target any region, city & state of your choice.

These days, it’s easier to reach people through their mobile phones than any other traditional means of advertising. It is easy, quick and cheaper and you have 100% guarantee of effective communication.
Individuals, Companies and Organization leverage on this to advertise their goods, services andevents.

Real Owner Numbers:
These are not auto generated numbers, but verifiable numbers of real people. Numbers sourced from private and govt database.

Suitable for:
Election Campaigns, Church Evangelism, Events, Promos,Product Launches, Propaganda, Etc! – Legitimate Use Only!

Easily Target Location or Gender:
you can target your message to any specific state, local government area, gender(male or female) in Nigeria. We ensure that whatever your goals are, whether it’s to sell, promote, brand, inform, notify, campaign, advertise, educate or to create awareness and for election/voting purpose; you can take advantage of the most cost-effective, direct, targeted, reliable, immediate and instant way to deliver your message to Nigerians in any part of Nigeria.

Ways You Can Make Use of the GSM Numbers

  1. Mobile Marketing – You can use the GSM numbers to market your products and services and events. You can target any state you want and get response. This is an effective marketing strategy.
  1. Rent – You can rent the numbers to companies, private schools, social organizations etc for their publicities and campaigns.
  2. Make Money Reselling – You can resell these numbers to churches, politicians, and businesses etc for location based marketing service and keep 100% profit..
  3. Religious Renting – You can rent the numbers to Churches to publicize their events and programmes in their localities.
  4. Bulk SMS service – You can use it for your Personal or business bulk SMS campaign and make money from it
  5. Short Code Marketing Business – You can also set up a short code business campaign for yourself or for any business and make money from it

Some Frequently Asked Questions
Question1: How many states do you have in your database?
Answer: We have the 36 states of Nigeria covered including FCT Abuja

Question2: How genuine are the numbers?
Answer: You can verify the authenticity of the numbers by calling some of the phone numbers when you get them.

Question3: In what file format is the GSM numbers?
Answer: The numbers are stored in Microsoft Excel so you can just copy them and use directly.

Question :How much is it?
Complete Local Government Area GSM Database (Any LG database) : N10,000 per LGA
Complete State GSM Database (Any State): N30,000 per state.
Complete 180 million verified Nigerian GSM Phone number DATA BASE sorted by name,sex,state & LGAs: N50,000

Question: How do I get the numbers after payment?
Answer: To get instant acess to our nigerian GSM Database, of over 180 million numbers sorted by states and local government Click the BUY Botton Now.

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