Make Money With Your Mobile Phone While You Sleep.. – REPORT ME TO EFCC IF YOU DON’T MAKE MONEY WITH THIS SYSTEM!!!

How to make money online

How to make money online

Today I going to reveal to you how to EARN WHILE YOU SLEEP WITH RECHARGE AND GET PAID PLATFORM. I want to introduce to you a platform where you earn while you go about doing the normal thing you do with your phone, like recharging of the phone with airtime and data. This platform is called the RECHARGE AND GET PAID RAGP INITIATIVE (REGP). The website is



Today we are face to face with a platform that promises to bring back the smiles for Nigerians again. A program capable of growing as little as N5000 into millions of naira within 6 months.


Now also note that this RAGP business is not like some scams or Ponzi scheme that promises to double your money and you do nothing…. If that’s what you are looking for, sorry, check next door.


Recharge and Get paid is not another platform per sale.. It is a base project that is designed to reward everyone that uses airtime in any from and packaged to make avenues to Wealth kept with the high and mighty for a long time now available to the low, middle and aspiring.


Recharge and get paid. Final stop for online business. Safe and secure place where a life changing income can be built.

If u are like us who are tired of online business inconsistency, products movement and hawking round the street on a daily basis. Recharge and get paid (RAGP) is the solution for you. *RAGP is the best business opportunity ever

Recharge and get paid (RAGP) Is simple and Turbo – charged vehicle for steady income generation and wealth creation.





RAGP just as the name implies, is a platform that pays you for every recharge you make. You can simply recharge your phones directly through VTU for Mtn, Glo, etisalat now 9mobile and airtel lines as well as data purchases. The platform also serves as a payment gateway for cable tv subscriptions (Dstv, Gotv, Startimes)

RAGP, is registered with CAC and licensed by NCC to carry out Telecoms related businesses.



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Its mission is to help/ enable people to create wealth and a life of freedom and abundance with our superb products and unique compensation plan, we provide unparalleled income generating, wealth creation and employment opportunities for people to improve their total well-being and quality of life.



It’s vision is to become the biggest Distributors of Telecom products and foremost provider of wealth Building opportunities for people in Nigeria, Africa, and Beyond!



It’s premium product is recharge cards ( that is MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, ETISALAT etc). With our own research conducted worldwide shows that recharge card is one of the most frequent and widely used product.

Globally, our confidence is that our product will produce what many people are looking for in our society today which is FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

RAGP is a 21st century business designed and positioned to give you what you mostly want: FINANCIAL FREEDOM.


Thinking of becoming a distributor to Airtel,  Glo, 9mobile (Etisalat),  Dstv, Gotv and Startimes?

For you to be appointed a distributor to a company like Mtn u should be involving millions of naira. But REGP has broken the barrier and has made it easy for anyone like you and I to become a distributor. You will become a distributor to all these mega companies at the same time and to enjoy distributorship privileges.


This is what RECHARGE AND GET PAID (RAGP) LTD has brought together for u in one basket. RAGP is  a Payment Solution Gateway, a Wealth Generation and Distribution platform and a Multi Level Marketing Company with an unequalled  Compensation ever.


To help your imagination, immediately u register with RAGP u are automatically a distributor to Mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, Dstv, Gotv, and Startimes. And u stand to enjoy distributorship and delership privileges. Arrangements are on the way to add PHCN,  Jamb, WAEC and lots more.


People become distributors in RAGP by referral. Every interested person MUST go through an existing member or distributor.

RAGP provides two major earnings avenue. They are the REFERRAL DRIVEN BUSINESS AND THE NON-REFERRAL DRIVEN BUSINESS, though neatly joined together.

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✅ We are here because we are entrepreneurs.

✅ We are here to make money.

✅ We are Business minded.

✅ We are professionals.

✅ We’ve crossed 7 seas and 7 rivers in online business.

✅ From our experience, Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) is a money-making machine, reliable and trustworthy.

✅ Recharge And Get Paid is the future of Recharge Card because paper Recharge Cards will soon fade away.

✅ Recharge Card is going digital, and RAGP is the future.

✅ Do you know that RAGP is more than a year now?

✅ No crashing in this business. Etisalat changed to 9mobile yet we are still selling.

✅ Recharge Card Business Never crashes. You don’t sell anything, the company does the selling for you.




✅ This is a business sector with 100% certain patronage. Airtime has come to be a necessity because people must RECHARGE

✅ There are over 500 million GSM Users in Nigeria.

✅ Nigerians spend between 238 to 447.8 Billion Naira on recharges monthly and an average of 14 Billion Naira daily.

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✅ In every 1 hour, about 3 million Nigerians recharge their phones




The referral and non referral businesses.



The non referral business is where u make no commissions from RAGP but u have good Distributors/Dealers’ prices. So u can compete favourably with other dealers outside. U enjoy the same prices as dealers who used millions to get appointed as distributors and on this platform u execute all transactions using your phone


So find out your competitors prices around you and u will discover u are face to face with fulfillment in business.



This is the most fantastic part of the business where through referral u leverage on the efforts of team members to earn good residual income




This is a network business with a great difference,  a network business unlike all the rest, one that relates to your everyday experience.


REGP is a Nigeria base project designed to reward anyone that uses airtime in any form (recharge, data subscription & bill payments). It packed to create Avenue for wealth creation for both the low, middle and high class individuals.


RAGP is actually a platform that gives you access to recharge  phones directly through VTU for all networks as well as data purchases for all networks, and the payment of bills and subscriptions from the comfort of your room.


RAGP is a registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and licence by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to do business in Nigeria. And it’s Head office is Located in Abuja:



Their website is.


RAGP is in partnership with the big Four networks in Nigeria: MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel. The recharge/communications business is the next most pressing need after food; and thousands of Nigerians recharge their phones  per second. Imagine yourself earning money from hundreds of thousands of Nigerians each time they recharge while in the comfort of your home.


The RAGP is a platform that enables every registered member not only to recharge his/her phone, load data and subscribe to cable network from self-created VTU (Virtual Top-Up) but to also make between 4% and 10% out of every one of such recharges and subscriptions.

In other words, once you have completed all registration procedures and are duly registered it becomes almost impossible to walk across the road to buy recharge cards as you can do that from the comfort  of your home, through RAGP.

You can even sell airtime to people if you so desire.


Two things are created following registrations, which are:


 (1) the VTU and

 (2) the E-Wallet.


While all recharge benefits drop into the VTU, financial benefits go into the E-wallet which can in turn be transferred through the same channel into your bank account.

The wealth that accrues from RAGP comes in bits and trickles.




Registration is of six categories:

  1. Basic = N5,000


  1. Bronze = N10,000


  1. Silver = N20,000


  1. Gold = N30,000


  1. Diamond = N40,000


  1. Platinum = N50,000


One can always start from any level and  upgrade his status at any time.

Upon registration you will receive your PV (Point Value) and your level registration bonus, which is 20% of the total registration amount. (This is one platform where u earn on your own registration) You earn 20% of ur own registration first.




PLATINUM…  200PV + N10, 000 and You Earn to 10th Level Deep


DIAMOND…  160Pv +N8,000 and You Earn to 9th Level Deep


GOLD…. 120Pv + N6,000 and You Earn to 8th Level Deep


SILVER…. 80Pv + N4,000 and You Earn to 7th Level Deep


BRONZE…  40Pv + N2,000 and You Earn to 6th Level Deep


BASIC….  20Pv + N1,000 and You Earn to 5th Level Deep





1)Registeration bonus (20%)


2)Direct referral bonus  ( 20%)


3)Indirect referral bonus ( 10% — 1%)


4)Leadership bonus


5)Award / Incentive


6)Autoship bonus ( Repeat Purchase)






On your membership package, you are first of all paid back 20% of the registration package. EG. Platinum members of N50,000 gets back 20% which is N10,000.

Basic members of N5000 gets back N1000. Etc.





You get 20% of N50, 000 =  N10, 000 for every Platinum member you refer personally.

You get 20% of N10, 000 for every Bronze member you refer personally.


You get 20% of N5, 000 for every Basic member you personally refer, etc

Any person you personally refer, you get 20% for their registration package.





Indirect Down lines are people referred by your direct down lines, down to 9th level. Indirect bonus is calculated as follows:


2nd level 10%

3rd level 5%

4th level 2.5%

5th level 1.25%

6th level 1%

7th level 1%

8th level 1%

9th level 1%

10th level 1%




Every newly registered member of RAGP is given PV ( point value) as follows:


Platinum = 200 PV

Diamond = 160 PV

GOLD.      = 120 PV

SILVER.    =   80 PV

BRONZE. =    40 PV

BASIC.     =     20 PV


If in any given Month, through newly registered members you accumulate 10, 000 PV to 25, 000PV, you get paid N100, 000 leader’s bonus. This is reward for exceptional Team building.


What you earn here in leadership bonus depends on your registration package:

If you are in Gold package and accumulated 10,000PV with your team, RAGP rewards you with N25,000 cash reward.

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IF you are in Diamond package and accumulated 10,000PV with your team, RAGP rewards you with N50,000 cash reward.

If you are in Platinum package and accumulated 10,000PV with your team in any given month, RAGP rewards you with N100,000 cash reward.






The fourth way you make money from RAGP is through winning awards set as incentives to motivate members. It is based on PVs accumulated from new entrants to your network (TEAM). They are as follows:



25, 000 pv accumulated over time from all registered members in your network qualifies u for a Tourism / Vacation trip to Dubai or u receive N500, 000 cash.


ii. SMALL CAR AWARD = N2, 000,000

60, 000 accumulated PV over time from all registered members of your  network ( TEAM) qualifies u to receive a small car or N2 million cash from RAGP LTD


iii. HOUSE FUNDS = N3, 000,000

100, 000 accumulated PV from registered members of your team over time qualifies u for a House Fund worth N3 million cash.




The fifth way to earn from RAGP is the Autoship bonus.  It is expected that every member of RAGP buys the company’s products


Autoship is no longer on stipulated amounts for any membership class neither is it any longer calculated on any amount purchased in a month. Autoship bonus is now 0. 35% on ALL recharges and 1% of ALL data purchases.


For every member of your team placed in your matrix, either through direct sponsorship, indirect sponsorship or spill over, you get paid 0. 35% of all their recharges and 1% of ALL their data purchases.




Each time u recharge either ur phone or others u earn 2%. Each time u purchase data either for ur phone or others u earn 10%




Some people get tired when they hear of referrals but it is the easiest part of this biz. It is nothing to an entrepreneur who wants to maximise the opportunity before him.

If u have 3 referrals and everyone in your team has only 3 direct referrals,  at your 10th level you will have about 89,000 people in your team that you will earn from each time they recharge or buy data




The six membership packages mean different levels of earnings only in the referral business.

A basic (N5000) member earns referral bonuses, autoship bonuses only to the 5th generation down lines.

A bronze (N10,000) member stops at the 6th generation

A silver (N20,000) stops earning at the 7th generation.

Gold member…8th

Diamond member..,.9th

Platinum member….10th.

Apart from these differences in earnings in the referral business a basic member is not different from the the platinum member in the non referral driven business.

Every member can upgrade at anytime, from any membership class to any membership class of choice by paying the difference between where he is and where he wants to get to.

And just like u earn 20% of your registration fee u also earn 20% of your upgrade amount, and therefore can now earn both referral and autoship bonuses to the new generation down line level after your upgrade.




All earnings are instantly paid into your  EWallet, from where you can transfer into your Naira bank account.


  • You earn 20% of your registration money back instantly.
  • You get paid 20% referral bonus from all ur directly sponsored members
  • You get paid 10% -1% referral bonus from all indirectly sponsored members ofvyour team
  • You get paid 2% each time you recharge your phone or others
  • You get paid 10% each time u buy data either for yourself or others
  • You get paid 1% each time ur team members purchase data
  • You get paid 0.35% each time your team members recharge

If u care to build your business here you can earn millions of naira monthly as people use airtime



Everybody is your customer,  everybody uses airtime.

That is why all the banks in Nigeria are selling airtime.




1) Instant Registration Bonus 20%.

2) Instant Referral Bonus 20%.

3) Instant Indirect Referral Bonus 10%-1%.

4) Leadership Bonus N100,000

5) Trip to Dubai Worth N500,000 (you can get the cash)

6) Car Worth N2,000,000

7) House Fund Worth N3,000,000

Interesting right?




  1. REGP has the highest most consumed product in Nigeria. It is one of the most frequent and widely used product.
  2. Telecom industry is the highest and most profitable industry today in Nigeria. It is larger than oil and gas, Bigger than importation Business, More Massive than Fashion and Entertainment
  3. You will earn recurring and passive income for life. Even when you are asleep, you will keep earning money and receiving bank alert.
  4. The business can be done at the comfort of your home. All you need is just your mobile phone. Every smart phone is a money making machine.
  5. This is the only platform that pays you referral bonus on your own registration and also on the registration of others.
  6. This is the only platform that pays referral bonus to the 10th generation (63% – 75% paid out in referral bonus)
  7. The sustenance of earnings does not depend on new members coming in but on airtime consumption. As long as people use airtime you are in business.




You don’t make any payment to any individual account, all payment are made only to the company’s account.

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The company’s account details are as follows











Send sms to the company’s contact line on the site 08182098378 and 08082288879 and tell them the payment details and ask them to activate your username which you will also state on the sms

Once your payment is confirmed, your username will be activated


Alternatively, you can call your upline and ask if he or she has funds so as to assist you, if he or she has then you send them your money and also send an sms which should have your username and they will activate you immediately.




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This is a real and genuine way to make money with your mobile phone and earn passive income.


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