Web Consulting Academy – A complete Web Design Tutorial

Web Design Training

Web Consulting Academy – A complete Web Design Tutorial

Author: 360incomeStream

Price: ₦1,000

Format: Video

Simple Step By Step Video Tutorials & Teach Yourself How To Build Websites & Mobile Apps

No Previous Knowledge Required

You can earn a guaranteed income of N350,000 monthly as a web consultant executing projects online and offline.

Here Is An Overview of What You Will Learn

  • In this step by step web design Tutorial videos, you will learn step by step how to build professional websites for companies from scratch. In this module, no previous knowledge is assumed, as you are akenned from basic through advanced concepts. You will discover how to build sites with unlimited pages, slides, forms, calendar, etc.
  • You will learn how to build a school website and integrate a school portal with online registration, course registration, result checking, attendance, accommodation, transportation, timetable, parent portal and many other features.
    The average fee schools pay for portal setup is N250k . One of my students made N4m from just 1 school deal. The demand for hotel websites is on the increase. with the ever increasing number of hotels.
  • You will learn how to build a hotel website from scratch with online reservation and booking.
    Hotels are ready to pay 200k and above for a custom solution. This module comes with a sample hotel proposal you can edit, print and submit to hotels.
  • You will learn step by step how to create stunning and eye-popping graphics for the web using photoshop.
    How to create banners, sliders, and virtually any time of graphics for your website and digital marketing campaigns. The entire process has been made ridiculously simple.
  • You will learn how to build a functional and secure e-commerce platform like jumia and konga with marketplace or multi-seller functionality.
  • Hospitals are not left out. You will also learn how to build websites for hospitals from scratch. It also covers how to set up a Hospital Management System (HMS) to manage everything in the hospital – doctors, nurses, pharmacist, support staff, prescription, treatment, laboratories, etc.
    You will also get a sample proposal they can edit and submit to hospitals.
  • Millions of events are planned in Nigeria every month. Tens of thousands of them are desperately in need of a website.
    This module will teach you how to setup a professional website for an event with registration and online payments integration.
  • This training covers the theoretical and technical aspect of sales and squeeze page design. How to set up killer sales page for products and services.
    It covers the psychology of color in marketing online and how you can design your sales page to ensure maximum sales. Everything about video sales letter, pop ups, opt ins, etc. How to setup funnels – upsell page, download page, OTO page, etc
  • You will learn how to build a membership website. How to create a password protected members area, manage users, subscriptions, access levels, contents, payments, etc. It covers different content model like the drop feeding delivery module.
  • You will Learn how to build church portals and internet ministries with Live Streaming Integration, Prayer Request Forms, Church Management System and many more features, online payments, etc
    This module is very comprehensive and easy to understand. Your clients will pay you a premium for this service.
  • You will also learn step by step how to build professional websites for companies from scratch. In this module, no previous knowledge is assumed, as you will be taken from basic through advanced concepts.
    You will discover how to build sites with unlimited pages, slides, forms, calendar, etc. Everything is covered step by step .
  • There are more smartphone users than computer users… Smartphones have become the accessibility device of choice. Right now is a very high demand for apps and businesses are paying consultants to help them build apps for them. Don’t just build websites, add mobile apps.
    This module covers step by step how to port your website into an app and how to create apps for normal websites and apps for ecommerce websites.
  • You will also learn step by step how to build professional websites for weddings, anniversaries, yearbook, etc from scratch.
  • You will also learn Image editing – This module teaches basic image editing with Photoshop. No previous knowledge is assumed, as the student is taken from basic through advanced concepts.

In This Blueprint, You Will Discover:

  • Where and how to find clients whenever you need them.
  • How to turn curious prospects into paid customers.
  • Why you should not write your proposals like the normal business proposals. I will show you the exact format to use step by step to write proposals that will make your prospect write you a cheque immediately.
  • Exactly what to say to your prospects that will make them not sleep well at night until the award their project to you. This works like magic.
  • How to get clients and execute projects in any city in nigeria without travelling out or meeting your clients face to face. This will increase your service reach.
  • How to position yourself so that clients are the one coming to you instead of you hunting for them. This will make you select the type of job you accept.
  • The secret I use to get paid in full at the start of the project

In This Blueprint, You Will also Discover:

  • How to convince a prospect who is a total newbie on why they need a website and get them super excited about it. This works on any prospect as long as he is educated.
  • How to attract and retain clients that you will enjoy working with and that will be happy to pay you for your services.
  • why you should never lower your fees again just to get the client to say yes. I will show you what to do instead
  • How to guess the amount of money a client has budgeted or is willing to pay for a project and how to make them increase it to fit your target .
  • How to play in the deep waters and get corporate and government contracts even if you don’t have an insider and how to leverage on other people’s connection.
  • How to reduce the amount of time your spend writing a proposal just for the client to say NO.
  • How to avoid ‘near success syndrome’ and loosing your client at the last minute to deperate-for-work, low bidding web designers.
  • How to get past the dreaded gate keepers in any establishment or company and get your proposal across to the ‘oga at the topmost top’
  • The exact thing to say when you cold call your clients. I will also show you the exact sequence of text messages to send to win over a client.
  • How to kill resistance and objections by your prospects even before they raise it
  • Different types of prospects and clients and how to deal with them especially the difficult ones
  • 7 things you should never say when you are on the phone or face to face with a prospect . If you say them, consider that project lost. So many web designers are guilty of this.
  • Why you dont need and should never use the conventional complimentary card . I will show you what to use instead.
  • The 2 sure things you must do to prevent your clients from ‘stealing’ your ideas and giving it to another web designer to implement while you await their phone calls till jesus comes.
  • The exact meaning of ‘we will get back to you ‘ and what to do the next time a prospect says that to you. This will shock you.
  • The right pricing for your services . Most people get it wrong at this point. Pricing should never be fixed, but dependent on 3 things. I will show you how to do it right.
  • 11 Web consulting service you can offer apart from web design and internet marketing.
    and many more…

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